Our Products:

Kiln Dried Lumber

We saw and kiln  dry select and better  grade of more than 10 species of domestic hardwoods . 

Are you looking for lumber for a horse stall, hay wagon, trailer bed? How about a large beam?   We can saw out green rough sawn lumber to your specifications up to 20 feet in length. 

Do you have 10 or more acres of mature woods? We selectively harvest hardwood timber.  

Buyers of Standing Timber

Almendinger Sawmill 

The Almendinger family has a tradition of sawmilling and logging in Ohio that dates back to 1917. Joe Almendinger started the Almendinger Sawmill on his farm Southeast of Johnstown in 1974, specializing in walnut.  

The "Original  Green Business"

The Almendinger Sawmill is an enviromentally friendly company.  Once a log arrives at our yard nothing is wasted.  Starting from the initial debarking of the logs to the final rough sawn lumber every product and by- product is used.  The bark is.........

A Family Tradition

Green Rough Sawn Lumber

We offer sawdust for animal bedding. Naturally composted  bulk hardwood bark mulch  for your landscaping needs as well as chips.

Mulches and Bedding