Almendinger Sawmill 

The Almendinger Sawmill is an environmentally friendly company.  Once a log arrives at our yard nothing is wasted.  From the initial debarking of the logs to the final rough sawn  lumber every product and by-product is used. The bark is reground into  landscaping mulch, the sawdust is used for animal bedding, the scraps and cutoffs are chipped and reground into playground mulch, and any logs that are not lumber quality are split in firewood.  

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The Almendinger family has a tradition of sawmilling and logging in Ohio that dates back to 1917. Joe Almendinger started the Almendinger Sawmill on his farm Southeast of Johnstown in 1974, specializing in walnut.  Over 40 years later,  The Almendinger Sawmill L.L.C. is a very successful family owned wood products operation.  Today, Erich , Joe's son , their partner Gregg Butt and Joe run the business. The knowledge and skills have been passed down through the generations from Joe’s grandfather and father both who were experts locating the best timber.